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What is Activated Carbon?

Activated carbon is a very useful adsorbent material with high porosity and high carbon content. It has a wide application range due to its pore structure, large surface area and high reactivity. Activated carbons, which are economical absorbents for many industries, are used to remove odor and color, to purify and dechlorinate liquid and steam applications. Common uses are water treatment, food grade products, automotive applications, cosmetics, gas purification and industrial processes. The main and common production materials of activated carbons are coconut shell, charcoal and wood.
Types of Activated Carbon
Cylindrical (Pellet) Activated Carbon
Granular Activated Carbon
Powdered Activated Carbon
Special Activated Carbon
Use Areas
Drinking Water Treatment
Waste Water Treatment
Water Conditioning
Chlorine Removal
Air and Gas Purification
Industrial Processes
Pharmaceutical Industry
Renewable Oils

Distribution of Activated Carbon Usage by Sector

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